WOFF Dispatch Roundup: August 2019

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May 2nd, 2022

59 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

To make up for the dead week after getting rid of the early release feed, we're hitting you with all kinds of never-before-heard WOFF Dispatch Roundup episodes! Please enjoy this bumper crop of rediscovered Q&A episodes.

Note: An original version of this episode went out that used the wrong name for Sophie Pillbeam, an error born of the disparity in time between when we recorded and when the episode was released. We've fixed the error out of respect, and apologize for our oversight.

  • Games in the altered state of mind.
  • What game genres have you fallen out of love with?
  • The durability of the "games aren't art" sentiment.
  • Interesting games that are interesting failures.
  • Games we like that we know aren't good.
  • Games and the daily routine.
  • Hidden content, easter eggs, alternate endings and paths.
  • Talking about games in context.
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