We Won't Be at PRGE 2023


September 4th, 2023

13 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

Hey folks, this is a quick announcement that's also a bummer.

Earlier in the year we'd said that we planned to return to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. We submitted a proposal for our panel, and waited, and waited, and waited... only to learn just recently that we'd been rejected.

Without doing a live panel it doesn't make sense for us to spend the money and time to make an appearance at the show. We apologize sincerely if you'd already made plans to attend... Gary will still be around, and it's still a fun show to attend (even if just to see the Retronauts, who will be doing a panel this year).

In the podcast episode attached to this post we talk about what we asked for, and what our plans for live appearances will be. In short, we're looking at attending other shows in other parts of the country. So if you know of any video game expos or conferences, let us know about them, but more importantly, ASK THEM TO BOOK US. Reaching out on social media makes a difference, for real.

We are also looking at doing another Duckfest, if that ends up making sense.
This is a little rough because obviously we have very normal brains and aren't sensitive to rejection at all. But we soldier on, and are grateful for all of your support, which makes these ups and downs easier to weather.


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